Introducing our plastic-free, eco slippers for boutique hotels and spas

In response to our goal to offer more and more eco-friendly options within our collection for boutique hotels and spas we’ve launched our new plastic-free, eco slipper.


The cotton slippers are completely plastic-free, biodegradable and sustainably sourced. They have been exclusively designed for the needs of boutique hotels and spas and, because they are such good quality, we suggest you encourage your guests to take them home to reuse and remember their stay with you.




Why plastic-free slippers?


More than ever before, our industry is searching for ways to make our businesses, hotels and spas more eco-friendly - our customers and our planet demands it.


By using more sustainable products and practices and reducing the amount of single-use plastics we can all contribute to minimising the effects of our businesses on our environment.


Eco-slippers designed for hotels and spas

Until now, when it came to boutique hotel and spa slippers that was proving difficult. The quality of slippers available just wasn’t there and if they got wet started to deteriorate rapidly which made them impractical for bathrooms and pool areas.


But by working with our design and production partners we’ve created an exclusive design that will work for the needs of our boutique hotels and spa clients.


Our new plastic-free hotel and spa eco-slippers are exclusive to us in the UK and as we’ve designed them especially for hospitality, they work perfectly in bathrooms and spa areas.


All-natural fibres

We’ve purposely chosen all-natural fibres to create the slippers so you can be confident you’ll find no hidden plastics.


Sustainably made

We’re always careful to work with trusted suppliers who source from sustainable sources.


Recyclable and biodegradable

We’ve made sure all the components in our plastic-free, eco slippers are completely recyclable and will biodegrade naturally over time.


Suitable for your guests to reuse and take home

But our biggest wish is that you encourage your guest to take your slippers home and reuse them. The quality construction of our exclusive slippers means they are much more than a single use, throwaway item and can be reworn and enjoyed as a reminder of their stay with you.


No sacrifice on style

We’re big believers that suitability shouldn’t sacrifice style and so our plastic-free, eco-slippers come in classic Ecru as well as bespoke colour options as well as natural cotton, waffle, cotton velour and cotton towelling.



Naturally, as part of our personalisation service we offer bespoke monogramming and logo embroidery on our slippers too.



You can see our range of slippers here but if you’d like to know more please give our team a call on 0345 602 9050 and we’ll happy to help share more with you.

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