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 Introducing our plastic-free, eco slippers for boutique hotels and spas
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Our new plastic-free, eco-slippers have landed.

Designed to help boutique hotels and spas who want to be more sustainable but never sacrifice style.

How to choose sustainable hotel bed linen
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With guests demanding more from their experiences than ever before, it’s no longer enough for hotels to offer comfort but they need to become socially conscious when it comes to their hotel linens too. That's why we develop our collections, which are designed exclusively for hospitality, with sustainability in mind.

How to care for your bed linen
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If you're investing in some luxury bed linen it makes sense to know how to look after it.

Keep your luxury bed linen looking beautiful with these expert care tips to keep it clean and feeling pristine.

Vote for us in the Amara Interior Awards
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We've been nominated for the Amara Interior Blog awards for Best Company Blog. But now we need your support, can we count on your vote?

How plants can make your bedroom healthier
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Plants are a great way to add decor details to your home, but did you know there’s more to these plants than their beauty? They can actually make you healthier.

Read on to discover why and how you can make your bedroom and healthier place to sleep.

To wake up feeling rested follow our guide to getting a good night's sleep with these seven simple tips.

Relaxing with a cup of tea is a great way to wind down. We caught up with tea aficionado Joe from Joe's Tea Company to find out more about what makes tea so restful.

There’s nothing like heading back to a cosy chalet after a day on the slopes to relax and enjoy a little apres-ski.  More and more skiers are pushing their budgets to enjoy luxurious five star chalet retreats with interiors that can outshine even the most expensive of hotels.

Personalised bath robes make wonderful gifts at any time of the year for weddings, engagements, birthdays and anniversaries.

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